Recommendations for Improving Performance and Usability of Website by Mining Weblogs

Bhawna Nigam, Sanjiv Tokekar, Suresh Jain


E-commerce and web-based information systems are backbone of many businesses. If the performance of a website is not satisfactory in terms of uptime, response time, reliability or availability of webpages, then the result is customer’s dissatisfaction, loss to image of organization and negative impact on revenue. To stay in competition e-solution market providers have to continuously improve their usability to attract more customers.  Web Usage Mining technique can be used to improve the website performance and usability, which finds the usage statistics of website elements, thereby optimizing the mostly accessed web elements. In this paper, we proposed an approach that mine weblogs with the help of a tool, that identifies useful information like usage patterns, most used resources, and errors. Using this information, recommendations are suggested to improve the performance and usability of website.


data mining; Knowledge discovery;soft computing

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