Study on the effect of flow rate on cycle time for multi-impression Injection Molding

Arjun Kapila, Kanwarjeet Singh, Gaurav Arora, Dr. Narayan Agarwal


With a constant demand to manufacture the best quality products, the industry needs to find or develop new techniques to do the same with reduced manufacturing costs to earn more profits in the coming future. Injection Molding is one of the most significant operations for plastic products around the globe. Cooling system plays a very important part in molding process affects the cycle time. An efficient cooling system design targets at reducing the overall cycle time and helps in minimizing the defects as sink marks, shrinkage, thermal residual stress build up and part-warpage. This paper represents the experimentation involved in finding the most suitable flow rate at which the coolant must function upon. For various values of the flow rate, Moldflow simulation and experiments were done and the results were thus, compared. It has been found from the experimental analysis that the cooling time reduces significantly when the coolant is run at 28 liters per minute. On comparing the obtained results, it is found that dimensional accuracy and quality of the end product has improved.


Coolant Flow Rate; Cycle Time; Mold Temperature; Part Temperature

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