Resource Management Architecture in Dependable Real-Time Systems

Krishan Kumar


In this paper we present adaptive resource management middleware techniques that achieve the QoS requirements of the dynamic real time system. The middleware performs QoS monitoring and failure detection, QoS diagnosis, and reallocation of resources to adapt the system to achieve acceptable levels of QoS. Experimental characterizations of the middleware illustrate its effectiveness for adapting the system for achieving the desired real-time and survivability QoS during overload situations. This paper presents resource management techniques that achieve the quality of service (QoS) requirements of dynamic real-time systems using open architectures and commercial off-the-shelf technologies (COTS).Dynamic real-time systems are subject to constant changes such as a varying external environment, overload of internal systems, component failure, and evolving operational requirements. The emerging generations of computer-based, command and control systems are the examples of such systems


process control systems, command and control, real-time systems, real-time scheduling, timeliness, survivability, middleware, system software

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