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Fungus Crusher Kit Review

by princy john (2017-11-13)

These are all meant for topical application. Tea Fungus Crusher Kit tree oil for toenail fungus is a natural herb with ingredients to kill nail fungus fast. You have to mix the oil preferably in warm water and dip your toe and soak the nail for about ten to fifteen minutes. This should be done two or three times a day to get rid of the fungus gradually and see your healthy nail. A complete toenail fungus cure may require two or three months depending on the infected condition of the nail. In the list of home remedies for toenail fungus treatment, you have also the Vinegar, Vicks, Olive oil, and Lavender oil. Listerine is a brand product which is popular in treating toenail fungi. You can choose either this or that potent to cure the nail fungus with equal rate of eliminating fungal infection. If you are pleased you can even have a blend of two of these.