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by willam princy (2017-12-08)

Symptoms of constipation Health Review Factory can be summarized easily. It is when a person passes small amounts of hard, dry stool, often fewer than three times a week. Bowel movements are often difficult and painful. Other symptoms of constipation include being bloated, uncomfortable and sluggish. The person may also have a feeling that something is still there even after an evacuation. Infrequent or absent bowel movements over an extended period of time are also constipation symptoms. Symptoms of constipation are often mislabeled. People experience bowel movements on their own schedule. Adults can go as often as 2 or 3 times per day or as few as 3 times per week. These symptoms of constipation depend on diet and circumstances in their daily lives. Constipation is often self-diagnosed if a person is having trouble with a hard stool or feeling bloated. Some stools will end up harder than others. And there will be times when a person may strain during expulsion. The medical diagnosis of constipation takes this to a higher level. When a person does not go for days on end and then the results are hard and dry, it is likely to be constipation.