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Starter Site Toolkit Review

by Rohini matthew (2017-12-13)

When the business Starter Site Toolkitmodel for "Web 2.0" was assembled by the year 2004, the industry recouped its impetus. This led to more companies being established leading to purchasing and selling of advertising columns on web pages.Some companies which had previously operated web portals decided to use the conventional "Free-TV" model which meant creating traffic by simply distributing the content and in turn, selling it to buyers in the advertising industry. Majority of these websites, excluding business-oriented websites like eBay, create most of their income by selling inventories (the space set aside for promotion ads) to willing buyers in the industry. In the first 6 months of 2007, more than $10 billion was spent by advertisers on websites in the United States. This reflected to approximately 14% of the total amount spent on advertising.