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Cerebral Success Smartx Review`

by Rohini matthew (2017-12-15)

In the context of Cerebral Success Smartx war, Soldier's Heart was a phrase used for those who had difficulty emotionally after the Civil War. In World War I the phrase was called Shell Shock. After World War II the term was often referred to as Battle Fatigue. Sadly, some people were viewed as cowards who suffered from this condition and just told to exercise more will power to overcome it.Symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder can include depressed feelings, isolating oneself, anger at certain triggers and extreme quietness. When children lose a parent, counseling is important to help them to process their emotions. Other children their own age have not dealt with this level of tragedy and they can feel very alienated at school and in their own world. There can be physical symptoms, insomnia and emotional confusion.