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7 Minute Ageless Body Secret Review

by Rohini matthew (2017-12-17)

The next step in a 7 Minute Ageless Body Secret facial is analyzing our skin to determine what our problem areas are and what is needed to help them. Typically the technician doing the procedure will look at your skin through a high powered magnifying glass to reveal enlarged pores and other skin conditions. It is with this analysis that it is determined what is needed in the next step of exfoliation.Exfoliation helps to remove the layer of dead skin cells that sits on the surface of your skin. Its these cells that can clog pores leading to breakouts. This can be done either chemically or mechanically. Chemically uses scrubs that contain certain acids that will loosen the skin cells and allow them to be removed easier. Mechanical exfoliation removes the cells by force with a combination of gritty scrubs and cloths, sponges, loofahs or even finger tips. If you have a problem with blackhead, you then will have them extracted. This can be a little uncomfortable and is not for everyone.